Location: Cam Thanh, Hoi An,
Quang Nam, Vietnam.
GFA: 350 sq.m
Year: 2019
Photography by: Khoa Do

The task of this project was to rehabilitate the house and reform the garden. The ideas was to create an cozy and simple space, both internal and external.

The front yard was pretty good condition. Just some cleaning, rearrangement and replacement of some dead shrubs by new ones. The concrete fence was cover with bamboo, while the steel gate was replaced by a wooden one. Those acts gave the house a more friendly and cozy look. A big umbrella in wooden frame covered by palm leaves was installed in the middle of the gate. It would provide shelter to the gate, and identified the house at the same time.

The garden at the back needed a complete apperrance. There was a square cement floor about 5mx5m in the middle of the garden. We decided to keep this floor and to build a roof for it, in order to create and covered outdoor space. The structure of the roof was built from recycled wood component. The roofing, after much consideration, was decided to be in polycarbonate. That way, there would be no disruption of the space and the greeneries around. Also it would helpt to save cost. A bamboo pergola on wooden frame adjoint to the house created a transitional space between the house and the garden.

The concept was there. I took my step back. The owner would directly deal with the construction site, with local artisans and builders. Once a problem occurred, I would give advices to the owner. When everythings had been completed, the garden exposed itself with a perfect liason with the house. The simple and elegance spirit was clearly and throughout shown by the garden artisans, the owner and the builders. Some details were lack of professional yet acceptable. In the end, it was normal for a project called “without architects”. I was thinking that, once architect stepped back, and the workers, the owners, the artisan could raise their voices, the result of a project is simply outstanding, thanks to the hardworks of those whose directly contribute to the project.