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About us

P.I Arch team is constituted of a group of experienced architects and designers and of fresh graduated ones. The key members of the team had been trained and had worked oversea during a certain period before coming back to Vietnam and established their own architectural and interior design studio.

By experience, P.I Arch team can understand client wishes and turn them into reality without exceeding (or exceeding with client’s permission) the given budget, while the young members of the team always seek for something new and original.

By cooperating, we believe that we can convey your dreaming project into a tangible object. Despite the difference in age and background, P.I Arch team is united under the principle of F&F, which is the lodestar throughout all our projects:

F as Frame
We concentrate our creativity in the designing of a “frame”. The content of that “frame” will be determined by the needs of our client, your habits, your routines… In other way, we, by our professional knowledge, will create the frame as the first layer of identification of the project. After that, we, together with the client, will create the second layer of the identification of the project by adapting your requirements into that frame. As such, each project will have a distinctive identification.

F as Flexibility
We aim for project that adapt to change, and by that, will last long. If it is a house, we would like that not only our client will live in this house but also your children, your grandchildren. If it is a public building, we hope that it will be able to stand till the last day of its life expectancy and during its life, it will host many kinds of activities without any major reconversion.

“Architecture as identification of place”

~ P.I

In order to stick to our principle, we welcome our client to join our procedure in forming a project. We would like to hear from you about your need, your expectations, your feedbacks for our proposition. We commit to take account of the smallest detail of your requirements, and to deliver a most satiable project.

– Do Dang Khoa KTS

chu ky so Khoa Do KTS