Location: Que Phong, Nghe An, Vietnam
Site area: 1150 sq.m.
Year: 2019
Architect: PI + T2k + MIDAS
Civil engineer: Ha Thi Nam Phuong
Contractor: Quang Van Vinh
MEP engineer: Lightupyourlife
Photography by: Santa Advertising

The project is in the case of We Do program, sponsored by a big brand name in technology. The selected location is The Tri Le 4 primary school, in Muong Long hamlet, Tri Le ward, Que Phong district, Nghe An province. Sitting in a borderland region, access to the school is limited because of bad roads. The school is well known by the history of the school with 44 male teachers, emitted on VTV.

Starting with the renovation of the existing classrooms, we replace old wooden walls with new ones, more durable and provides better shelter under harsh weather conditions. The teachers’ dorm is moved to a higher ground next to the classrooms. A couple of new classrooms are also built with better sanitary facilities and all the furniture are replaced with new ones that suit the children physical conditions.

A new library is the peak of this renovation progress. Being built on the high ground with a distinguishable height and colorful façade, this library is meant to be seen from a far distance, even through the mist of the highland. The library and the investment on the solar energy panels are hopefully to provide a better working and studying environment for the teachers and the children in the neighbor.

With the limitation of transportation and working conditions, the project has been through many modifications to adapt to the reality. Overall, it has reached the principal goal: to improve the working and studying environment of the school. About us, working on this project help us to archive experience on sponsored projects, on dealing with the marketing requirements. By that, we believe that if we have chance to work on this type of project again, we will be more efficient.